Enigma Biography Book by Geoffrey Edelsten



by Geoffrey Edelsten

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"I've lost an eye to a disease, suffered a brain tumour, a heart attack and twelve months in prison. I've brought thousands of babies into the world as a doctor and owned a series of ground-breaking clinics in two countries. I have lost and retrieved a luxury car collection and have probably supported more lawyers than most. I've risen on more than one occasion from an abyss of corruption that would leave most people crumpled. Now it's time to tell my side of the story that the media have constructed."

Business entrepreneur and innovator, celebrity and medico, Professor Geoffrey Edelsten reveals all in this long-awaited biography. From beginnings as a medical student and a musical entrepreneur, he describes his metamorphosis into city businessman and nightclub owner. When he bought the Sydney Swans in 1985, he was on top of the world. It would not be for long. In a case involving innuendo, misinterpretation and illegal phone tapping, Edelsten was gaoled for a year supposedly for soliciting a person to assault. Now back in business, he continues the the fight to clear his name. This book is the riveting story of that journey.

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