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1 Childhood

Geoffrey Edelsten was born opposite the Carlton Football ground at Princes Park in Carlton, an inner suburb of Melbourne.  He was the elder son of Esther and Hymie Edelsten.  

Edelsten attended Princes Hill Public School and his early childhood in Carlton was an important contribution to his love for Australian Football and the Carlton Football Club in particular.

 Prof Dr Geoffrey Edelsten Life and Times    Prof Dr Geoffrey Edelsten Life and Times

Edelsten’s parents instilled in him a strong work ethic.  They both worked intensively after Hymie Edelsten (now deceased) returned from World War 2 having served in the Australian Defence Forces from 1940-1945.  They moved residence from Carlton to Brighton, and Esther and Hymie commenced a lingerie retail chain "Linda Leigh" which they operated successfully until they sold it in the late 1970s, and retired.

 Prof Dr Geoffrey Edelsten Life and Times    Prof Dr Geoffrey Edelsten Life and Times

Geoffrey Edelsten changed schools to Mt. Scopus Memorial College, Australia’s first Jewish co-educational school, whose first and major campus was established in Burwood.  Edelsten excelled academically and was an outstanding sportsman, where he captained the school football and cricket teams, won the 100m sprint and was the first House Captain of Bialik House, which won the school competition in its first year.  Edelsten was a senior officer (C.U.O.) in the school cadet corps and a school prefect.

Prof Dr Geoffrey Edelsten Life and Times

2 Awards

At Mt Scopus Edelsten was awarded the Lovaran Cup as the most outstanding student athlete, and the M S Bromberger Prize as the student that others most wished to emulate.

 Prof Dr Geoffrey Edelsten Life and Times    Prof Dr Geoffrey Edelsten Life and Times

3 Scholarship

Edelsten was awarded a Commonwealth scholarship to the Medical School of the University of Melbourne.

4 University

Geoff Edelsten had a distinguished undergraduate career where he obtained honours in many subjects, and was awarded the Exhibition (1st in class) in Anatomy, including Histology and Embryology, sharing this prize with Richard Larkins (now Vice-Chancellor of Monash University).  Edelsten’s name appears on the honour board in the School of Medicine as a prosector in Anatomy.  Honours in medicine in his final year ensured his appointment as a junior medical officer (intern) at the Royal Melbourne Hospital.

Prof Dr Geoffrey Edelsten Life and Times

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