Geoff Edelsten’s Life

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Edelsten in the U.S.A.

In 1976, Edelsten went to the U.S.A. West Coast for the first time and fell in love with Beverly Hills and Los Angeles.

Edelsten  returned shortly after his vacation determined to spend more  of his time in the U.S.A. 

Through  Edelsten’s various business interests in Australia he had met Mr. Herb Margolis, who had produced and directed movies such as the ‘Wackiest Ship in the Army’ and was a lecturer at UCLA in the Performing Arts. Margolis also worked for Penthouse Magazine as its West Coast editor and had provided actresses and models for the opening of the Centrefold Night Club in Australia.

Edelsten  moved into a beautiful home off Coldwater Canyon, since which had been owned by the British movie star, Lawrence Harvey (" Room at the Top") before his death.  This magnificent home overlooked Beverly Hills.  Edelsten engaged a welsh couple, Lillian and Ray, who left Dean Martin’s employ to work for him.  Lillian was Housekeeper and Cook and Ray was the Chauffeur. 

Through househunting and Margolis, he met celebrities such as Diana Ross, Barbra Streisand, Linda Carter, Sylvester Stallone, Julie Andrews, Blake Edwards, Shirley McLean, John Travolta, and many others.

Edelsten was a guest of the Academy Awards.  Australian newspapers carried stories of romantic involvement with Diana Ross and Linder Carter [8].

Edelsten  commenced his medical business in Los Angeles purchasing three clinics – Verdugo Hills Medical Center in Greendale, Santa Monica Medical Center and East Los Angeles Medical Center, together with a pathology laboratory named Preventeine Inc. and would reside in Beverly Hills for 3 weeks each month and return to Australia for the remaining one week each month.

In Australia Edelsten would manage the 64 clinics in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide.  He would also consult patients, and conduct the confinements of his pregnant patients.

Other trips from L.A. to Sydney or Melbourne were made to watch his beloved Carlton Football Club, particularly in finals.

After a year in his Beverly Hills residence, Edelsten moved to Perugia Way Bel-Air.  This magnificent home, with beautiful tennis court, pool, and 7 bedrooms, became his home during his remaining stay in L.A. prior to moving back to Sydney to properly manage his burgeoning medical empire.  The Bel-Air home was sold to Barry Manilow.


[8] Melbourne Herald 1977

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