New Medical Career

By October 6, 2008 June 1st, 2020 New Medical Career

New Medical Career

Edelsten sold off his Sydney practices in late 80’s and returned to Melbourne,

He then embarked upon a new medical career in 1999 by commencing one of the first DNA paternity testing services – Gene-e Pty Ltd. 

In 2001 he commenced Victoria’s first 24 hour bulk-billing medical centre and this was followed by several others.  His success has resulted in his operating several of the largest clinics in Melbourne and consulting to other groups.

Edelsten’s inability to practice medicine as a result of the NSW Medical Tribunal’s (MT-NSW) decisions has proven no obstacle to his owning and operating medical centres.  Re-registration is a nicety only.  And as he’s operating outside their sphere of control they are of little consequence.  He understands the jealousy of his achievements by certain sections of the medical profession and forgives them for their petty revenge.  They have taken away his ability to practice as a medical doctor, but this does not change the fact that he qualified as a doctor, had a significant career as a doctor, and has and does put more into medicine and doctoring than many put in over several lifetimes.

Up till now, the main factor against Edelsten’s re-admittance has been his constant protestations of innocence.  Whilst Edelsten continues to assert his innocence the Medical Tribunal will continue to point to his failure to re-habilitate himself, citing as proof his assertions of innocence.  Stand-off Catch-22 style.  To be re-admitted Edelsten must admit guilt and agree to their terms.

In the meantime Edelsten will continue to achieve far more as a medical company owner than he ever did as a GP.

Edelsten’s ongoing mentoring and teaching of overseas trained doctors is continuing apace, and this is proving to be a most valuable contribution to the individual practitioners and to their clinics.

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