Centrefold Nightclub

By October 6, 2008 June 1st, 2020 Centrefold Nightclub


In 1975, Geoffrey Edelsten established a nightclub which he called "Centrefold".  It was located in the heart of Sydney’s entertainment district.  The site had previously been a licensed club.  It was the largest club of its type in Sydney, and could accommodate more than 2,000 people.

The Club consisted of three floors, in addition to a ground floor reception.  On the first floor was a theatre restaurant and provided live Australian productions served with dinner.  On the second floor was the showroom where top international acts of the time starred, whilst an a-la-carte restaurant provided cuisine from leading chefs.

Hit makers, such as the Stylistics, Billy Jean Bodine, George McCrae, and many others, performed.  It was the place to be – visitors and patrons included the Australian A-list, along with a continuous stream of international stars including ABBA.

On the top floor was a penthouse private club to which people clamoured to be invited.

On the grounds of fire exits, the authorities opposed the granting of a liquor licence, despite the premises being previously licensed.   It was here that Edelsten was subject to his first extortion threats when substantial payments were demanded to provide warning of police raids.  The club continued trading whilst conducting appeals, but the logistics of supplying liquor bought from retail suppliers, and on-selling, were onerous and unduly expensive.  After one year the club was closed.

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