Edelsten’s ongoing mentoring and teaching of overseas trained doctors are continuing apace, and this is proving to be a most valuable contribution to the individual practitioners and to their clinics.

Geoff Edelsten’s History

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Geoffrey Edelsten is a medical entrepreneur who has been widely credited[1,2] with revolutionising general practice in Australia and commencing corporate medical practice, extended-hours medical centres, and championing bulk-billing in Australia when its introduction was controversial and divisive.  Bulk-billing is the term used when a patient attends a general practitioner
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Geoff Edelsten’s Career

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During Edelsten’s intern year he showed his penchant for innovation and business by rostering his colleagues to provide relief (locum) work for surrounding private practices.  Edelsten also commenced the first home visiting service in Melbourne.  This was Melbourne’s first after-hours medical deputising service.

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