Edelsten Blog: $400 Million to Duplicate Services

By November 1, 2007 May 29th, 2020 Blog

The federal government yesterday announced $400 million to be spent for Superclinics with at least half providing 24 hour care.  The Labor party has already announced a similar policy.

Superclincs already exist.  Superclinic(s) is the registered trademark of the Allied Medical Group Ltd who conduct 24 hour Superclinics at Casey (Berwick) and Mill Park which are both in close proximity to public hospitals.  The Casey Superclinic being approximately 100 metres from the Casey Hospital and the Mill Park Superclinic being approximately 1.5 km from the Northern Hospital.

Allied Medical Group Ltd operates other Superclinics that are open 7 days a week – extended hours.  All their Superclinics bulk bill.

Other groups such as Primary Health provide similar extended hours care throughout Australia.

Instead of wasting taxpayers money duplicating existing facilities both political parties should engage GPs in all locations where they believe facilities and services should be expanded.

In Melbourne the Allied Medical Group with its 24 hour Superclinics and extended hours 7 day bulk billing medical centres in most outer metropolitan areas already provide the services that both parties envisage.

Private general practice is already in a position to provide these services at a fraction of the cost the politicians are willing to expend but are hindered by restrictions placed on qualified GPs being granted access to Medicare benefits in many suburbs.  The government of the day needs to review these arbitrary and highly restrictive regulations to allow those GPs willing to provide 24 hour services to be able to do so.

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